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Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

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Having a sturdy roof guarantees you and your family safety and peace of mind, so it’s understandable if damaged shingles or moss patches may cause some alarm when they are noticed. Before calling in the professionals, however, investigate the problem further to gain more insight into what is going on. But these are signs that you need a new roof.

An Unsteady Roofline

To determine whether you require a new roof, examine the shape of your roofline. It should be utterly straight and robust. If there’s any indication of dipping, arching, or obvious drooping, it is crucial to find out why this is happening. A sagging roof line may indicate an underlying framing problem – but in some cases, it can also mean that water has saturated the deck beneath your shingles – if so, replacing your entire roof might just be necessary. 

If a drooping roofline is accompanied by visible shingle destruction, leaks, or water damage – time is of the essence. You must act promptly to repair it before matters become worse. Sadly, this could result in partial or total collapse if left unattended for too long.

Visible Leaks

One of the most evident signs that you will need a new roof is an obvious leak. However, these can be caused by many reasons, from materials wearing out to storm damage. As time passes and shingles weaken, water can penetrate through them into your home which leads to damage such as interior puddles during rainstorms. Despite this problem being severe at times, it’s not always necessary for large fixes if a contractor discovers small leaks in advance – they might be patched or repaired quickly.

If you’re struggling with persistent roof leaks or your home is flooded due to multiple leakages all over the rooftop, it’s time that you think of replacing the entire structure. To find out just how extensive the damage may be, contact an experienced and reliable roofing company that can inspect it for you.

Your Roof Is Old

If your roof has reached the age limit for its type, it is high time to contact a local roofing company and request an estimate. You may choose between completely replacing or merely overlaying the current asphalt shingle roof.

Cupping, Curling, or Clawing Shingles

Warped shingles are a telltale sign that your roof is nearing its lifespan. Cupping and curling appear similar, with the edges of the shingles rising from courses beneath them to point upward. Clawing occurs when only the center of each shingle is lifted while both ends stay anchored on your roof. These conditions can be caused by extreme temperatures, improper installation, or poor ventilation – all signifying an aging roof in need of repair or replacement soon.

If you strongly believe a new roof is necessary, it’s always wise to contact a Roof Replacement in Chattanooga contractor nearby and ask for their assessment. Once they review your current condition, they can suggest the best course of action: whether it be repair or replacement.

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