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Why A Solid Roof Deck Matters

The roof deck is the base sheet of wood to which your roofing system is attached and is the foundation for the roof that protects your home. Sentri Roofing understands the importance of the roof deck and the critical role it plays. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure your decking is solid and secure.

new roof

Typically, roof decks that are a part of new home construction are sound; meaning that the decking usually does not need to be replaced. However, there are instances when patches or the entire roof decking needs to be redone. This can be true for both new homes and older ones.


There are two main reasons that roof decking has to be replaced:

1.) Failure in some aspect of the roofing system. This failure causes roof leaks and leads to rotting or delamination of the decking. See below.

roof repair

2.) The roof deck is no longer up to code standards for shingle installation, usually because of improper spacing between the sheets of plywood. This is most common in older homes. See below.

roof repairs
shingle replacement

Our team can usually identify these issues during the initial inspection when granted access to the attic or during the tear-off process. If we spot any of these issues, we will recommend replacing the decking. We can perform patch replacements if only certain areas of the decking are compromised, or we can replace the entire decking if needed.

Sentri Roofing replaces roof decking when the integrity of your roof replacement or repair could be compromised. Failing to replace rotted roof decking can lead to significant issues. New shingles on top of weakened decking will lead to expensive problems in the long run. Over time, rotted roof decking will weaken and cause structural issues.

Replacing your decking can increase your roofing project’s costs and timeline. However, replacement is the best decision to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your roofing system. It will also save you money in the future.

Sentri Roofing does the following when replacing roof decking:

1.) We use APA – The Engineered Wood Association standard plywood and OSB.

2.) We use a sufficient nail-holding capacity of at least 3/8” (10mm) thick to meet fire-rating requirements and securely hold roofing nails and shingles.

3.) We ensure the decking is dry by keeping it away from rain and moisture to avoid future complications with the roofing system (i.e. movement, rot, shingle blistering).

4.) We space the decks properly so that they withstand expansion and contraction.

roof replacement
roof work

For the most comprehensive and trustworthy roofing work, contact Sentri Roofing. We will provide a thorough inspection, ensure that your decking is in good condition, and make the proper recommendations to address any issues. Then, we will provide the best roofing work and service in the area. Call today to find out more about how we can help you.

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