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Our Community Work in Chattanooga and Nashville

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Giving Back To Our Local Communities

At Sentri Roofing, our community work is more than just fixing roofs; it’s about building relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, and contributing to the overall well-being of our neighborhoods.

We don’t simply strive for excellence in our commercial and residential roofing services – we also make it our mission to improve the communities in which we operate.

Our Community Work


As a local company based in Chattanooga and Nashville, Tennessee, we are inherently tied to our surrounding regions.

We understand the needs and nuances of our fellow Tennessee residents that others might not, making our community work all the more important to us.

Community Initiatives and Giving Back

Throughout the year, we participate in several community initiatives. In line with our commitment to ‘giving back,’ we proudly donate one roof job per year to individuals or organizations in need. 

It’s part of our effort to ensure that our valuable community members—the commercial and residential property owners we serve—are well taken care of.

Our Community Work

Quarterly Community Service and Transparency

Beyond the provision of roofs to those in need, we also consistently do one community service per quarter. 

Part of this service involves adding photos and press releases on this page, showcasing the work we’ve done in the local community.

It’s our way of keeping you updated with our help initiatives and inspiring others to join us in making a difference where it truly matters.

The Power of Community Strength

Whether it’s lending a hand during local events or sponsoring a community cause close to our hearts, Sentri Roofing believes in the power of community strength. 

We are genuinely passionate about serving our local areas, contributing not just to the aesthetics and comfort of homes and businesses, but also to the overall improvement of our beloved Tennessee.

Our Community Work

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